Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Maks Apologizes

From E! online

You guys came out on top of the leader board last night. How do you feel about how the night went?
I feel great about everything. Actually, I wanted to apologize, I guess, to all the fans. There was a bit of lost temper on my part and it's not something I always resort to. I'm not like that. I just felt so proud of Brandy's performance. I think she's doing phenomenal, and she's really trying so hard and I felt like she was maybe a bit overlooked and that caused me to speak out. I'm just sorry because the fans. …They don't want to see all that drama, they want to see us composed and professional, and I lost my temper a little bit.

What do you think about the Bristol Palin conspiracy rumors?
I'm sure people are talking about Bristol still being in the competition—like it's some kind of conspiracy. I'm happy for Bristol. She's doing something she's probably never going to do again. And as far as conspiracy, that's why the show is what it is. People are entitled to vote for who they want to and I applaud that.

Do you think that her mom Sarah Palin is helping Bristol?
I don't know if her mom being Sarah Palin helps her in popularity. I'm pretty sure it adds to it. Again, I don't look at Sarah Palin in the [video] packages as a political figure. I look at Sarah Palin in the [video] packages as a mom, a proud mother and somebody who is happy to see their child do something like this. I just look at Sarah as a loving mother in that sense.

Israeli Dancing With the Stars has a same-sex female couple. Do you think there should be same-sex couples on the show?
I just think that everybody is entitled to their lifestyle and to their way of living, and if Israeli Dancing With the Stars showcases a same-sex couple, it certainly represents the choices of many, many, many people out there. ...Whatever my beliefs are, it's irrelevant. I'm heterosexual and that's my choice, that's how I live, but I came to this country because it gave me freedom to be who I wanted to be, an opportunity to excel in what I wanted to excel. ...I applaud the risky move Israeli Dancing With the Stars took.

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