Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Brandy Access Hollywood Blog#10

Last week was all a blur filled with “DWTS” rehearsals, appearances (hope you caught me on the Halloween show for Access Hollywood Live and Ellen) and some special Halloween time with my family!

Maks and I continue to grow even stronger as a duo and this week’s learning of the fox trot is no exception. It’s a very iconic dance and I am truly inspired by our song choice for this dance.

Our second dance has been a little more strenuous.

As you may or may not know, this week I will be a part of “Dancing’s” historic 200th episode (Congrats “DWTS” and ABC) and they’re mixing things up a bit.

We have a team dance and I’ve been chosen along with my fellow stars Jennifer and Kurt to be a part of TEAM APOLO.

The dance is very eclectic and even includes a bit of hip-hop in it, so this part of the learning curve has been a little easier for me than weeks past. It’s very cool to be on the team with Jennifer and Kurt as our trailers are next to each other and we are very supportive of each other as the weeks go by.

I must mention how excited I am to have been chosen by former “DWTS” winner Apolo to be a part of this TV-history making dance!

He’s been a great leader and cheerleader and it’s good to get the chance to work with my fellow stars this week. With that said, Maks is still working to get the best of out of me from week to week and the aches and pains have now sort of dulled into something more manageable for me.

Not that I still don’t find new muscles developing and aching, but I am getting more confident with the quick-learning of the choreography and the feeling that I absolutely have a chance of taking home the mirror-ball trophy! My focus on learning the techniques and then honing the moves so that I am graceful and flow well with Maks is finally beginning to pay off.

I can feel the audience (both in the studio and at home) cheering me on and I always try to dance for the fans.

After last week’s elimination of Audrina and Tony, things really hit home about how much your votes count. In this competition, our dancing will only get us so far, it’s really YOU who makes the decision, whether we go or stay for another week.

Each week, it gets harder and harder to say goodbye to some of the new friends in my life. Audrina and I were getting to know each other and had a chance to hang outside “DWTS.”

She is very bright, smart, quick to laugh and I really love her energy.

I’m going to stop saying that I’m shocked, because more and more I realize that this is a part of the competition. Every Monday, we dance and then on Tuesday, someone leaves.

While it’s a sad thought, I know that my fellow teammates will stay in my life past these days on “Dancing with the Stars.”

I know that through this competition, I am getting the chance to get to know people that I would not have necessarily met and I am a better person for it. I feel certain that when everything is said and done, this experience will help me to become a better mother, daughter, sister and woman.

And hopefully, you, my fans will be able to see the difference in me!

Much love to all my fellow stars and our fans,


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