Thursday, November 4, 2010

Brandy Access Hollywood Blog#11


Even a little heart-broken.

That’s all I can say about this week’s elimination of Rick and Cheryl. From our first meeting at the televised cast announcement to our very first satellite TV press tour together, Rick and I have had a very special bond. He has such great energy and is always quick to make me smile. No matter how tough things got, it was a ritual: he and the boys (Maks, Kurt and Kyle) outside the trailer throwing around the football before show time. Funny as it may seem, there are so many changing aspects of this show from week to week, I found comfort and joy in seeing the guys goofing off and having fun. It definitely cut the tension and reminded me of everyday things outside the rehearsal studio. On Tuesday, when they announced Rick’s name, it really threw me for a loop because he had done such an amazing job on Monday night in both his solo and the group (go team Kristi!!) dances. I was still coming down from my own personal high off a great performance by Maks and me when they called his name and we all rushed backstage. I remember walking backstage and seeing Rick and Cheryl first on the press line and all Maks and I could do was rush to give them a hug.

It was very difficult for me to say goodbye, and now it’s finally starting to sink in that this is it! We’re nearing the end of this competition and there are only five couples left standing. The fans continue to speak out each week and believe me – WE ARE LISTENING. As important as the judges’ critique and scoring are, you must by now realize (as all of us ‘stars’ on the show have) that YOU play a very important part in us moving on towards the next week. I try to focus and concentrate on doing my best and improving each week, but more and more I understand that who I am really dancing for is the fans.

I truly believe that’s what makes this show so successful and why DWTS is now in its 11th season, celebrating its’ 200th episode! It’s about connecting with our audience, sharing with you our ups, our downs, and welcoming you into our life… if only for a little time. Well, welcome to my world….

Between my daughter, rehearsals and the day to day of running my music, TV and film business, I find little time to rest and sleep these days. Maks and I will be dancing the waltz next week as well as a ‘secret’ dance and rehearsals are tough!!! Sometimes things will ‘hit’ me, all of a sudden, and I find that I just need to take a quick 15-minute break.

Maybe it’s just a walk outside, breakfast with my daughter or even some quiet time at the house catching up with a few close friends, but whatever and whenever I can, I am trying to maintain as normal of an existence as possible within my hectic schedule.

Like most of you, I am working hard and aiming to keep on track with everything that I really want to accomplish. While I can definitely see that Mirror Ball trophy winking at me on Mondays and Tuesdays on-set, I work hard every day of the week just to balance everything else in my life. Appointments, school meetings, holidays, etc… they all have to fit on the calendar and no matter who you are, you have to make it work. Nevermore has being a single working mom (albeit with a really great support group of family and friends) been louder to me.

AND, never has it been sweeter. I know that I will always look back on these days with awe and amazement. I can only hope that the example I am setting for my daughter — as well as for millions of other single moms and children — is both positive and influential. Win or lose, I feel certain that this whole journey has been worth it for me and my family of relatives, friends, and very supportive fans.

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