Monday, October 25, 2010

What's Making Brandy Cry?

Uh-oh! What's going on with Brandy? The pop singer admits she's been reduced to tears during rehearsals for tonight's Dancing With the Stars.

No, it's not because of her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy's tough-love booty spanking

"I cried this week," she told us at Barbara Davis' Carousel of Hope Ball at the Beverly Hilton hotel. "With the pressure of the leader board and staying on top, it's a lot of pressure. And it's week six. We gotta' really step it up to bring it."

Maks warned, "I sweat and she cries. We've got the tears and sweat. The blood, we haven't had yet."

Despite the tears, Brandy says this week's tango is coming along just fine.

"It's very aggressive [and] sexy," she said. "My personality is not aggressive so it's been kind of up and down for me to channel that particular emotion with the tango. But it's going good. Maks helped me out a lot today with this one little part that I was messing up on and I think we got it."

"It's a traditional tango," Chmerkovskiy explained. "An Argentine tango would be a little
different. Traditional tango is not that sexy, but we're making it hot."

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