Monday, October 25, 2010

Brandy Access Hollywood Blog#9

Here’s a story… of a boy and a girl working hard this past week in a competition that is only getting harder by the day.

This week has been the most mentally and physically draining week of rehearsals to date! Yes, that’s right. I’m talking about the total package. I’ve cried and laughed and then cried some more. While my body is definitely getting stronger, tackling these two dances has been an exhausting and yet wonderful period of growth for me. Being on “DWTS” continues to amaze me, as I find that I must draw deep within to overcome a new hurdle every day. It has affected all aspects of my life and I’m pleased to say that I know I will come out of this experience a better person.

They say in the face of adversity, a true champion finds her calling. Well, they certainly must have had me in mind when they said that! Every day there are new aches and pains to deal with, but I continue to push through and look for the emotional core of each dance. You want sexy love? Here is the Rumba. You want fun? I give you the Quick-step. You want simmering heat and passion? Here goes the Tango.

The dances are getting more difficult each week as Maks continues to step up his training and demands a higher degree of difficulty with each routine. Although I never let the physicality overwhelm me, I must say, emotionally, it’s hard when you invest so much into one performance. Never mind the fact that this week there are TWO performances!

Our rehearsals seem to be getting longer as we work together to become a stronger team. As you know, I have been a solo artist for most of my career and working with a partner (outside of my family) takes some time to get ‘in sync.’ Even when the two of you have found that rhythm, dancing together is definitely an art form. You must trust one another completely… and without that trust, even the most basic moves can seem stiff and awkward.

With trust comes a lot of responsibility. If you have to jump, you have to know, deep down, that he will catch you. If you have to spin, you have to be certain that his hand will be there to catch you. As a woman, it can sometimes be difficult to have a blind trust in someone you’ve known for such a short amount of time. I can only imagine what the celebrity men in this competition have to go through to obtain that comfort level with their female pros.

Thank goodness, Maks is not only a pro, but also a commanding leader. I don’t have to worry much except for hitting my mark on time, remembering the moves and most importantly – feeling and expressing the mood of dance within the music.

But, I admit this is really hard! There’s no better way to say it than that! I am feeling confident going into tonight’s performance, but only time will tell if you, the audience, will appreciate all of our hard work! It is understood that your support over these past weeks has meant everything to Maks and I. When we are in rehearsals, he comes up with amazing routines that are designed with you in mind. As for the competition part, well, it’s still anybody’s game and I’m just very happy that I’ve made it thus far.

I’ve grown as a woman, as a mother and as an artist. I hope that you can tell how amazing my journey has been thus far and I will hopefully continue with you after Tuesday’s show.

So, AH family and fans – be sure to wish us luck tonight and we’ll see you on the dance floor!

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